For over 100 years, the Wesley Center has partnered with students at the University of Iowa to create a spiritual home on campus, nurture justice-seeking leaders, and pattern our lives in rhythms of grace, solidarity, and deep connection with each other, the Divine, and the Earth.  We have courageously stood by our commitments to peace, anti-racism, and the sacred worth of queer and trans people in the face of opposition from our government and religious denomination.  We are proud to be a place to creatively explore spirituality in an anti-racist, queer-led, intersectional justice seeking community.


We are excited to work with you, but the nature of campus ministry means we are not always at our desks.
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Anna is a chaplain, phd student in theology, and queer UM discontent, whose spiritual practices include the sacrament of brunch, sharing silence with strangers and beloveds, waking up before dawn, walking in the woods, and riding the subway.

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Rev. Sean McRoberts

Director of Operations and Development

Sean's journey into ministry was shaped in camping and campus ministry.  They are excited to work with the students and friends of the Wesley Center, knowing that we will do far more together than we can alone.  Sean's recreation includes golf, board games, and walks with their spouse and dogs.

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Board of Directors

Rev. Linda Butler, Chair

Ada Vargas, Vice Chair

Jannalee Nieuwenhuis, Secretary

Rev. Leigh Brown

Tabitha Wiggins, M.S.

Betty Stiefel

Dr. Chris Cheatum

Austin Wu

Sean Finn

Andrea Courtney

Lindsay McAfee Cukier

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