An Ethic of Care

Working with and for the Wesley Center is a sacred honor, and privilege. Truly. Chaplaining an incredible group of students, collegial collaboration with Sean, and learning and dreaming with the Board of Directors is consistently full of joy, holiness, and deeply meaningful spiritual growth. Students are facing unprecedented crises and uncertainties in our collective life; they are carrying so much wisdom, as well as weariness. An ethic of care guides who and how we are together, and the difference such care makes is palpable. Caring for each other is one way we honor Divinity incarnate, holiness woven through this beautiful and broken world. We listen to and learn from each other. We honor each other’s gifts, and strengths, and quirks, and strangenesses, and griefs. We nourish each other, in body and spirit. We share deeply from our lives, and dream together a world that is more livable, and loving, for all of life. Students pick up extra containers of soup to take back to friends, roommates, or acquaintances who are sick, tired, or otherwise unable to attend. Our Board meetings often end in laughter, with us feeling renewed. There is so much right now that is hard–I am so grateful for how we inhabit the hard together, which eases the burdens, and opens possibilities for joy.

-Chaplain Anna Blaedel


The Wesley Center invites and partners with students to seek justice, encounter community, and linger in Divine truths.

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