Welcome to the Wesley Center at the University of Iowa

Wesley Center is a spiritual community for students with diverse experiences and backgrounds.  The Wesley Center invites students to be, belong, breathe, and be nourished—without qualification or reservation. We do that best at table, sharing our stories and finding connections, whether over coffee, homemade meals, or chocolate.  We let our questions lead us, expectant to discover Divine possibility in our midst.

Wesley Foundation Iowa City Candle

Tuesday Table

6:00 pm - 7:00 pm, Tuesdays during the academic year

“My story always intersects with your story when we linger long enough in the telling of truths that matter.”

We encounter community best at shared meals, and these days Tuesday Table is meeting at various outdoor locations.  Share in conversation about spirituality, social justice, and living an engaged life that matters!

Join Us Online!

This semester some programming is being held online.  Please contact us at info@iowawesley.org or at facebook.com/iowawesley for connection information.

Help us create radically inclusive community

If Wesley has been a part of your unfolding spiritual journey or you wish there had been a place like Wesley in your young adult life, please consider supporting our ministry financially.